Where is your home town? B-more aka Baltimore, Maryland.

When is your B-Day? June. 30

Describe yourself in 3 words? Well I’m quite the character, flirty, genuine and I tell it how it is, very vocal 😉

What are your hobbies? Traveling, anything adventurous and active. Also drinking with my girls, being a daredevil.

What do you like to drink? Water, haha umm Vodka and Whiskey and I’m a beer girl.

What sports do you play or enjoy? I was on a softball team and also love soccer and kickball and my favorite football team is the Ravens and Patriots!

Do you believe in love at first sight? No, I need to know who you are first.

How do you spend your days off? Laying by the pool, I love the water. Shopping, girls night or just laying on my butt doing absolutely nothing.

What’s your idea of fun? Anything not to serious.

Tell me one thing that you have accomplished, that makes you proud of yourself? I was on Price Is Right and lost 18,000 but had a blast doing it. I co produced and also hosted my own TV and Radio Show for 2 years where I interviewed celebs.