Where is your home town? I grew up in Belair, it’s a suburb in the Adelaide Hills in Australia. Yep foreign with an accent.

When is your B-Day? January 15th (headstrong Capricorn)

Describe yourself in 3 words? Adventurous – Adorable – Attentive – Big-hearted – Bossy – Bright. Would you like me to go on and give you 3 for every letter of the alphabet….. lol no 3 words could possible describe me. : )

Do you have any pets? Yes I adopted a psychopathic cat named Bentley a few years ago! Everyday is a new adventure with the little tyrant.

What are your hobbies? Bicycle Polo/Boomerangs/Cloud spotting……….NO really…..I love Snowboarding, Scuba Diving, Cooking, TV Host for Documentaries, Iceskating, Surfing, Home repairs/renovations, texting and traveling (36 countries and counting).

What do you like to drink? I’m Australian there isn’t anything I don’t like to drink. I especially love that in Vegas you can get an alcoholic slushy in every casino!

What sports do you play or enjoy?  Baseball, Ice-hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Australian Rules Football, American Football & Rugby.

Do you like to cook? Yep Im a great cook. Everything from shrimp on the BBQ to Korean food. Indian food however I just cant seem to get right.

If you had lots of money, how would you spend it? First I would repair, renovate and put in place a schedule to maintain the things I already have. Invest in myself, more schooling would be amazing (in Dubai or Japan this time). Go-green (appliances/housing etc) and obviously donate to my favorite World Wildlife fund and World Hunger Fund.

Do you believe in love at first sight?  Hmmmm, if it exists I haven’t experienced it yet. Come get me love at first sight…….

If you get to be someone else for a day, who would you want to be and why? Dr Who (because he travels through time and space).

How do you spend your days off? Most of the work I do is fun, social and with friends. My personal life is active but I do have those days off that I just want to spend relaxing and catching up on personal things I need to get done.

Name one of your favorite movies? I want to name some inspirational insightful movie names here but Im not ashamed to say I love all movies involving Minions there is something hilarious about a yellow creature that speaks gibberish.

Which was your best vacation to date? I have loved all of my vacations. My next plan is Africa so Im going to say Africa as Im going to make it the best vacation ever.

Would you sky dive or get a tattoo on a whim? Sky Dive = yes Tattoo = no

What’s your idea of fun? Buy a kiddie pool and invite everyone over to get in it on my balcony.

What is the one place you would like to visit?  Africa

What do you do to cheer yourself up if you have had a bad day? Hanging out with my friends that make me laugh the most. Some wine doesn’t hurt either.

Tell me one thing that you have accomplished, that makes you proud of yourself? I represented Australia as Miss Australia in multiple worldwide competitions/pageants over a 3 year period. Highest placing in the World I received was 2nd Runner up at one World final in Germany and another in Malta.

If you could only do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Im going to have to think about that one and get back to you.

What are the three things that you cannot live without? My mother, my cat and my phone! Yes Im one of those girls.

Which is the most dangerous and or adventurous thing you have ever done? Dangerous – fixing an appliance I was shocked. OUCH! Or even just swimming off the coast of Australia with Sharks. Stupid – Hanging my own TV, its going to fall. Adventurous – Hang gliding…..frightening!

What can totally impress you? Someone that can legitimately make me laugh, Im taking laugh until Im crying or at least have tears coming out of my eyes.